'Breathing' is the first EP off the 2018 album The Journey is the Destination. It was released to digital stores on 16th April 2018, and contains the following tracks:

  1. Breathing

  2. No-one ever Goes There

  3. Say You Want Me

These will be the first three tracks off the album, and they set the tone for what's to come. Paul Edis' lovely woodwind chords at the start of Breathing introduce a tone that is warm and welcoming. The gentle interplay between some outstanding musicians at the top of their game (Bren Murphy, Paul Edis, Paul Susans and Russ Morgan) provides the perfect cloud for these songs to float along on, and Bethany Elen Coyle and Bex Mather provide lush harmonies.

You can download or buy the EP from Spotify, iTunes, Google Play or whichever digital platform you get your music from.



The song 'Breathing' started life as a one of those rare gifts, a Paul Susans chord progression. Paul brought the chords to The Coast Road as something to have a play with, and I wrote the melody around it. The lyrics were inspired by lots of stuff that was going on at the time (more of which later in the album...) and a realisation that this life is all we've got, so every moment counts. I often joke that I write songs as Post-it notes to pin to the fridge door to remind me of what matters, and this is one of those:

“Take some time to breathe, then you will know how it feels, simply to be breathing on the earth.”
— Breathing

“Between the dawning and the dusk there is a space to climb into”
— No-one Ever Goes There

Inspired by a patch of evergreen forest on the side of Blake Fell where I occasionally go to get away from it all. I imagine everyone's got somewhere like it, where you can sit all day and know that you're probably the only human to go in there from year to year.


Say You Want Me

This is a love song I wrote for Angie about getting through the winter, literally and metaphorically. Basically, if you can survive the winter together, you can survive anything. I love the country shuffle feel that the song acquired during the recording, thanks to the groove that Russ and Bren found in it.

“Say you want me in winter’s hold, when the fire drives out the cold, and the darkness surrounds our home, painting ice on the windows.”
— Say You Want Me