Current Research

I'm currently involved in the following research projects - please get in touch with me at if you want to chat about any of them!


Fellowship of Hill and Wind and Sunshine

An exciting project with the National Trust, University of York and Mouthful for summer 2018, taking groups of singers onto the Lake District summits to sing a song cycle commemorating the gift of land by a group of mountaineers to The National Trust in 1923. Capturing the resulting performances in virtual reality for installation in Keswick Museum, and using Sensemaker as the methodology for evaluating the project. Huge thanks to Arts Council England (ACE) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for the funds to make it happen.

More information here.


Making Sense of Group Singing

I'm currently in the data collection phase of an exciting and innovative pilot project to capture people's experiences of group singing through Cognitive Edge's Sensemaker methodology, the world's first 'distributed ethnography'. Current choirs are using the software and the app to share their stories of group singing, and Sensemaker turns it into beautiful data which I hope to be able to share in summer 2018.



(Simulating Inclusive Natural Group Singing in Virtual Reality)

This is a collaborative project with York University, to capture a virtual experience of choir singing, with the goal of demonstrating marked improvements in health and well-being. Data pertaining to the physiological and emotional benefits of community singing is being collected at Sing Owt! and Voicebeat sessions. VR simulations will be benchmarked against this data to assess the potential of the technology and establish firm directions for research.


Sustaining a 'Portfolio' Career in Music

How do musicians sustain successful careers in an ever-changing music industry which has had its economic value radically disrupted by the internet? This project is capturing the stories of musicians who have managed to make successful careers for themselves through a 'portfolio' career, often involving performing, teaching, composing and other work. You can read more of their stories here.