To satisfy the requirements of the qualification, I submitted a doctoral report, along with a portfolio of evidence. You can read the report here, and the contents of the portfolio are available below:


Section A: Project Reports

Ai - The Transferability of Musicality Outside of Musical Domains

Appendices - data analysed in the report

Section B: Published Work

See Other Publications

Section C: Work of Publishable Quality

See Other Publications

Section E: Strategic Policy Documents

Not in the public domain, except:

  • Sage Gateshead Business Plan

Section F: Evaluation Reports

See Other Publications for those in the public domain

Section G: Reflective Journal

Not in the public domain

Section H: Evidence of Impact

  • H-iArtWorks' What-do-you-need-learning-approaches-report' (PHF)
  • H-ii ArtWorks Reflections on developing practice in participatory settings (PHF)
  • H-iii ArtWorks-Evaluation-Final-Report (PHF)

Section I: Personal Development Plan

Not in the public domain

Section J: Additional Evidence

Between submission in August 2015, and my viva in January 2016, there were a number of developments, resulting in a submission of additional evidence, consisting of some of the material in Other Publications as well as:

  • J-i Summary of Additional Evidence of Impact and Contribution
  • J-ii North Music Trust Business Plan draft 8
  • J-iii Letter from Sage Gateshead General Director acknowledging the impact of my research in articulating the organisation's ethos and 's business planning