Previous Research

Here’s an archive of previous research projects

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SINGS-VR (2017-18)

(Simulating Inclusive Natural Group Singing in Virtual Reality)

A collaborative project with York University, to capture a virtual experience of choir singing, with the goal of demonstrating marked improvements in health and well-being. Data pertaining to the physiological and emotional benefits of community singing is being collected at Sing Owt! and Voicebeat sessions. VR simulations will be benchmarked against this data to assess the potential of the technology and establish firm directions for research.

music in a test tube.png

Music Lab (2011-13)

Music Lab was an action research project delivered from 2011-13 by Sage Gateshead, and funded by the National Endowment for Science and Technology and the Arts (NESTA). Music Lab was a piece of action research conceived by NESTA and Sage Gateshead, to explore the possible mutual learning between approaches to Science and Music education, in the hope of better understanding what makes learning engaging for KS3 students in STEM subjects. Its central enquiry was, ‘How can teachers and musicians work together to improve the learning of KS3 students in STEM subjects?’ It involved 4 Sage Gateshead musicians working with teachers and school staff from 4 different secondary schools in the NE in what we referred to as ‘school research partnerships’. The form of their investigations took very different forms, from exploring the notion of ‘performing’ Science through to working with Science teachers to actually perform music as a steel pan ensemble.

Although the project website has expired, at the end of the project, we produced: