Bands / Projects




Me and a guitar and a back catalogue of hundreds of songs about life, the universe and everything. Various recordings, gigs, collaborations, songs from nowhere, commissions and experiments...



Virtuosic a capella quartet featuring Bex Mather, Katherine Zeserson, Sharon Durant and myself. Using only our mouths to make funky grooves, squeaky-bonk and sheer beauty.



The sound of a raucous night out in west Cumbria... Upbeat folk-infused songs with a social conscience to dance to...


The Coast Road

Folk-jazz collective featuring a trio of singer / song-writers (Bethany Elen Coyle, Bex Mather and myself) with a rotating cast of outstanding musicians including Brendan Murphy (percussion), Paul Susans (bass), Paul Edis (piano) and others...


Human Music

A capella octet for special occasions featuring Mouthful and Helen Chadwick, Jon Baker, Sian Croose and Sianed Jones.


Songs from Nowhere

An occasional series of recordings from remote places...

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Off The Grid

Musical events and shared picnics in out-of-the-way lovely spots...