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Songs From Nowhere

Music videos from out of the way places...

Songs From Nowhere

When Neil Young sang, "I gotta get away from the day to day running around; everybody knows this is nowhere," no doubt he had a particular nowhere in mind. Songs From Nowhere is a collection of videos of songs recorded 'live' in out of the way places, performed either solo or with musical friends. The full playlist is available here, or simply have a listen from the selection on this page.

Obviously nowhere is ‘nowhere’; everywhere is ‘somewhere’. I live in the middle of nowhere, but quite like it here. I also realise I quite like singing in the middle of nowhere, when there’s nobody to really listen to me other than a few disinterested animals and the ever-attentive ears of Mother Nature.

I started doing this properly in Summer 2014, and I’ve begin to realise that the various postings from all of these various nowheres are starting to look like an atlas of out of the way places, all very personal and localised. Which has got me thinking about geography, politics, independence, what unites us and what separates us, how much our lives are dominated by homogenised cultural habits and vacuous nonsense.

Songs From Nowhere are tiny little personal gestures in sometimes vast, timeless landscapes. I like how insignificant I feel when I’m recording them, and I like the relative anonymity of sharing them with a vast community of other people online, most of whom will never know they exist. If you’ll pardon the expression, I’m ‘playing with the bigness of my littleness’ (e.e. cummings.) Sometimes I’m collaborating with others and that’s fun too - sharing some music in a beautiful place and simply enjoying the moment. 

In a world where communities are so widely dispersed and fragmented, it’s easy to feel lost, cast adrift and invisible. Songs From Nowhere are my little squeaks from the darkness.