I'm excited to announce that the first solo EP of laid-back jazzy acoustic tracks from last year's sessions at Loft Studios are now available to buy / stream on Spotify / iTunes and wherever you'd normally get your digital music from.

'Breathing' has three tracks on it that I'm mightily proud of, recorded 'live' at Loft in Newcastle by Adam Sinclair with a fantastic band:

  • Bethany Elen Coyle (vocals)
  • Bex Mather (vocals)
  • Brendan Murphy (percussion)
  • Dave Camlin (acoustic guitar, vocals)
  • Paul Edis (piano, organ, woodwind)
  • Paul Susans (bass, vocals)
  • Russ Morgan (drums)

The first of three EPs from forthcoming album The Journey is the Destination, the vibe is downbeat and mellow, with lots of space to sink into the music like your favourite duvet.

Please listen, like and share!

  1. Breathing - the simple things in life, based around a Paul S chord progression, featuring Paul E on woodwind
  2. No-One Ever Goes There - getting away to the middle of nowhere, featuring Bren's iconic Sauvignon Blancophone, and the lush harmonies of Bethany, Bex and Paul S
  3. Say You Want Me - surviving the winter together, with Russ and Bren laying down a relaxed country shuffle


There are no videos for these songs yet - I'm looking for collaborators who feel inspired by any of the songs to respond to them in some way that we could capture on film - something you make? A dance? A piece of art? A favourite walk? Get in touch if you feel inspired...