Last Chance to Dance

A great 4-star review of the new Tryckster live album by Andrew Darlington in this month's Rock 'n' Reel:

"Tryckster dance untamed across your tongue in the most delicious mix trick-ology. A six-piece recorded live at the Coast to Coast event at the Sage, Gateshead in July 2017, yet with studio-quality sound as timeless as electricity can make it.

"A couple of songs from their 1999 When the Stone is Exposed are shoved into a live context, sans dialogue, including the powerfully anthemic ‘Old Straight Tracks’ – as solid as the Cumbrian Castlerigg Stone Circle, enhanced by community choir. Fiddle-driven, decked out with flute and mandolin, powered by Joanne Braniff’s bass and drummer Craig Hoggarth anchoring rhythms. New, and as hauntingly familiar as forever, as rooted as ‘Trees’, as agile as a sleight of hand, switching vocals in a swap-around game with gruff, forceful Dave Camlin in his current guise always to the fore.

"Raucous, thanks to the beer and a headful of stars, yet finely lathe-turned, Last Chance to Dance is crafted with a toe-tapping nudge of anti-globalisation, anti-privatisation, anti-zero hours and pro-Corbyn message; their river of music has the rhythm of the earth in its boots. I’ve a feeling there’ll be more dance to come."

The album is available to buy from us at gigs, or on Spotify.

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